Manufacturer Profile


ABB Power Products-

 Manufacturers wide range of products and services to facilitate power generation, transmission and distribution.

High Voltage Products & Systems - Products up to 1200 kV

Medium Voltage Products & Systems 5kV - 38kV

  • Power & Distribution Transformers 

Liquid-Filled - Padmounted, Network, Substation Secondary, Windmill , and many more
Dry-type - Open Wound, Cast-Coil, and Vaccuum Cast
Special Dry-Type - EcoDry, Marine, Triangular, and Windmill

Advance up to 15kV, 4000A, 50kA /

  • Switchgear Modular Design / Metal-Clad 

Hem bending, plenum, type 2BC /

ZX Family up to 40kV, 13.5kA, 2500A

Advance up to 6.6kV, 50kA, 3000A/

Versapad 15kV (&27kV 2013) /

R-MAG up to 38kV mag actuator /

AMVAC up to 27kV mag actuator /

VersaRupter up to 38kV, 1200A /

Instrument Transformers & Sensors

Power T&D Solutions

  • Flexible AC Transmission systems
  • Network and data analysis solutions
  • Substation Automation and Protection


LOw Voltage Products

  • VFDs
  • Electronic Relays, Connection Devices, Pilot Devices, and Terminal Blocks
  • Circuit Breakers and Disconnects
  • Capacitors and Filters